Top 5 Ways Hackers Can Harm Your Website

Posted in Hackers by cloudworks on 09 January 2017

One of the greatest mistakes most people usually make is that they think that their website is so small and of no significant importance to hackers. 8 out of 10 people usually think that hackers only target big companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple and rest of them --- You are wrong! Hackers don't care who you are or what you do! There are thousands of reasons they may attack your website. Some hackers can use your website to do a test-run of their hacking skills. There are some who go about locking all the websites they can get their hands on and asking you to pay for ransom. On the other hand, there are hackers who will hack your website to boost their ego. You are not completely safe from hackers no matter how small your business/website is.

What Do Hackers Want From You? Hackers want a lot of things; they are controlled by greed and their ego. These people are like Oliver Twist of 21st century, they never get satisfied with hacking. In recent years, the reason for hacking has changed as technology gradually becomes a lot more sophisticated and integrated into our daily lives. Nowadays, we don't need to walk all the way to Mall to buy items; we can easily order them from websites which has payment system integrated on their website. As convenient as this may be for us, it also makes it very attractive for hackers who are always trying to hack such websites to obtain financial information of those that visit the website. Here are top 5 reasons why hackers will continue to try and hack your website

1. Monetary Loss We have already stated this above, hackers are drive by greed. If they ever succeed in getting their hands on your credit card details or that of your clients, they will ensure they milk you dry. These people are always trying to obtain this information from your website. Note that even if you don't have a payment system integrated on your website, hackers will still try to hack it in order to search for information that will help them get access to your hard-earned cash.

2. Information Leakage Government and big corporations are mostly the victims of this type of hacking. But don't assume that you are safe yet. Hackers try to get access to your website and obtain information they will leak to public or sale to your competitor for money. In some cases, they will ask you to pay them huge amount of money to avoid leaking the information to the public. Many companies have fallen victim to this, you probably didn't hear about it because companies don't make such information public for their own safety. A perfect example of this type of hacking is Ashley Madison hack which took place in the summer of 2015. The hackers were able to infiltrate the customer database, milk them millions of dollars and finally posted the company's data online. You should never allow this to happen to you.

3. Server Disruption Hackers can take control of your website and deny you from providing service to your clients. Their aim is usually to render your website useless. This type of attack can be orchestrated by your competitor to make you look bad to your customers. The most common type of this attack is known as "Distributed Denial of Service" or DDoS. DDoS attacks on a website usually occur when a hacker takes control over a network of zombie computers called a botnet. This botnet then try to overload your website server and shut it down.

4. Website Vandalism This type of attack by hackers is mostly done in order to create a shock factor or get people's attention. This could be just for fun for hackers or politically driven to deface a certain candidate website. Even school websites have to contend with attacks from their own students trying to test their hacking skills on the school website or simply to catch fun. Whatever the reason is, this type of attack can be very embarrassing for the website owner.

5. Unauthorized Code Execution Hackers in some cases use a number of codes to infect a website with malware and ultimately take control of such website. This is one of the most powerful types of hacking that allows hackers to dictate to you what to do. It is like taking your website hostage. When this type of hacking occurs, hackers can ruin your business or use it to steal your money and that of your clients.

What Can I Do To Avoid Hacking? The truth is that hackers never try once and give up. They constantly come back with more sophisticated method to hack your website. Once a hacker or groups of hackers are interested in your website, they will continue to try different methods to get access. But you can beat them in their own game! Oh Yes! The best way to ensure hackers never get access to your website is to use the same method they are using to hack your website to secure it. This is like reverse-engineering and this is what Vulnerabilites-Report does. We scan your website with the same tools hacker use to see if there are any loopholes. If we find any, we will make recommendations on how you can better secure your website. Don't worry, we will not leak any of your information, we will even sign a confidentiality agreement before we get started. You can gain an upper-hand against hackers today by ensuring that your website is secure. The loss of money and most importantly clients when hacking occurs can ruin your business. Don't give hackers any chance to ruin you. Know how vulnerable you are by getting a vulnerability report of your website.